What do you do when you get a call from your best friend telling you she just bought fifteen litres of hair oils on a whim? You make another impulse decision and tell her to buy more of course! 

When you are the child of immigrant parents you have probably grown up witnessing the daily struggles your parents faced to make ends meet. And when they couldn't get regular jobs, because of a thick accent or a headscarf, they would often have to start their own business - usually something based in the culture. Maybe a restaurant or a corner shop.      

So we are not afraid of starting something from scratch. We have always dreamt of sharing our culture with the rest of the world, but on our terms.  

Putting oil in your hair is a tradition within many cultures, and Morocco has become world famous for the argan oil. But there is so much more to Morocco - different oils and different people with diverse hair types. Knowing what oil to use in what hair type is a bit of an art, but we are here to help you. 

Therefore we bring you the hair oils we bought on an impulse, but that our mothers and grandmothers taught us to use when we were children to keep our hair healthy. Now we want to share this tradition with you. 

So from our roots to your hair - we bring you a traditional experience in a new setting. 

We hope you will enjoy this third culture madness. 

Read more about your hair type in our hair guide.  

/Amne and Najat